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Thank you for visiting our website. 5 Star Repair Services Inc. has become one of the top HVAC service companies in all of Texas. It has taken many years of honest hard work to make it to the top. We have been able to do, what other companies consider the impossible. It all has begun by providing excellent customer service. You as a customer, will always get great customer service from beginning to end of your ac repair or replacement. Our dispatch department has over 25 years of experience answering all types of HVAC related questions. They can help you troubleshoot your broken ac equipment over the phone. We have saved many customers hundreds of dollars worth of repairs with our knowledgeable customer service reps.

The Unsung Hero: Our HVAC Dispatch Department

Many ac repair problems, can be repaired and diagnosed over the phone. Most HVAC dispatch departments get very little credit, if any. Most of the success here is because of our excellent dispatch & phone support. 5 Star Repair Services has the most knowledgeable dispatch department in the industry. They go thru thorough intensive hvac technical training just to help you over the phone, before placing your service call. If dispatch cannot resolve or diagnose your problem over the phone, they will set you up with one of our highly skilled ac repair service tech. 

The Hero: Our Air Conditioning Repair Techs

The position that gets all the glory in most ac companies, is the actual ac repair tech. We treat the dispatch & AC technicians as an equal. Both positions done here, are at an exceptional level.  We have the best technicians in the hvac industry. All of our technicians, have a minimum of 25  years experience on repairing ac equipment. All of our technicians have seen thousands of jobs. With that type of experience, our technicians should be able to fix you up in no time.

24 Hour AC Repair Houston San Antonio Austin Dallas Fort Worth Waco

Thank you for your interest on our services. We are one of the finest ac repair service providers in all of Houston Katy & surrounding areas. When it comes to providing the best service, many customers choose to call us. Customers know that when they contact us, they are getting the most honest & professional service in town. Our great reputation & knowledge was earned by 2 generations of HVAC experience. We only have the top technicians in the industry. No technician has less than 20 years of field experience. Our customer & technical support team has over 20 years working with customers over the phone. The management has over 30 years of professional experience running an AC service company. We never overbook our technicians with too many customers at once. Over booking technicians is the easiest way to ruin a companies reputation. We make sure that when a technician arrives at your home, he has plenty of time to give you a 100% accurate diagnosis of your problem. That is why we have one of the best ratings in Houston.We have one of the largest parts inventories for air conditioning and heating service. Our accounting and billing department is also open around the clock, so if there is ever any problem with charge we can help you right away. Join our family, you will be glad you did. We are also open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Commercial AC Repair

Many Businesses choose us for their company repair needs. If your commercial AC breaks down, it can cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage & business loss. When it comes for the best professional commercial HVAC repairs, installations, & replacements, customers choose us. Our staff will help you along the way throughout the installation process. If you are located in a shopping center, mall, or stand alone business we can assist.  We have over 20 years specializing in commercial HVAC equipment. 

Air Conditioning Installation

You might need an air conditioning equipment installation or replacement one day. It would be our pleasure to install an air conditioning unit in your home, we have some of the best installers in the industry. Our installers have seen thousands of jobs, they will be able to give you a perfect installation. We have many years of experience and our excellent reputation speaks for itself.

Free Estimate With Repair

If you need a great repair you can count on us. We carry 99% parts in stock, and service all makes and models. If you have the repairs done by us, it is a free estimate with repair.

Blown In Attic Installation & Removal

It is a good idea to go up in the attic once in a while. Checking your air ducts for air leaks is very important. Air leaks in your attic can cost you thousands of dollars of wasted electricity bills. There are many reasons why air leaks occur. After a while the tape and glue that holds your duct lose integrity, thus causing leaks. Rodents and birds are another big problem damaging ducts in attics. Old non-efficient leaking metal ducts are also a known problem with homes. Many homeowners damage there own ducts laying in the attic floor. Either through, walking over them, or storage items in the attic crushing them.  You might be losing cool from your ac unit. You may not need to service or replace your ac unit at all. Proper Attic insulation will save you money, and make your system work more efficiently. It is a one time investment that will last you a lifetime. We work with utility companies & the city so you can get rebates for your attic insulation. We do all the hard work for you. We send an experienced Technician to your home and he will determine how much attic insulation you will need. It is very important to have the proper amount of attic insulation. There are many different kinds of attic insulation. Our installers will know which is best for your home. We also install attic tents door covers. With the attic tent, you can insulate attic drop down doors, wooden or metal ladder pulldowns.  Attic tents are great way to prevent air leaks going in your home.