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My Condensing Unit Needs Maintenance. How Do I Clean It?

The outside unit is called your condenser. Your condensing unit moves allot of air across it. There are many factors that come into play with the performance of your central air conditioning system. It is a 24 hour vacuum cleaner outside, taking in all airborne particles that pass by it. Most people neglect the outdoor unit and simple maintenance can go a long way with the life of that unit. The outdoor unit is the workhorse of you HVAC system. It has the biggest responsibility of the whole ac system. When the gardener cuts you grass, many pieces of debris go inside your unit. By the end of the year you would be surprised how much sod and sand you have accumulated inside your unit.
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Why Does My AC Take A Long Time To Cycle On & Off?

There are many reasons why your air conditioner unit can take a long time to cycle on and off. The most common reason why your system can take to cycle, is because there is something wrong with your equipment. A system that is low on freon can take a long time to cycle on and off. A unit that is operating low on refrigerant can increase your utility bill by 30%. Most systems that are low on freon work well at night time, and underperform in the day time. Running a unit with low freon levels adds extra wear and tear to your equipment and compressor. Some units can perform well with low levels of freon, as long as the outdoor temperature doesn't reach over 87 degrees.
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How To Bypass The Thermostat For Cooling & Heating

If your thermostat is starting to give your problems, you can bypass it. If the bypass works you should replace it, at your earliest convenience. The main wire you will be using for the bypass is the red wire. The red wire is what will be powering all the other wires. The yellow wire energizes the outside unit. Which is called the condensing unit. The green wire energizes the blower motor in the attic. You will need a wire nut to connect three wires together for cooling. The following colors will be red, yellow, & green for cooling to work. If you want heating to work you will need red, green, & white.

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How Do I Know If I Problems With My Ductwork?

Your attic is an unconditioned space, it acts like a barrier between the indoor comfortable environment and the outdoor conditions. On a hot summer day its natural for the attic to be 40 degrees warmer than it is outside. If you poke your head in the attic in a hot summer day, and you feel cold air. That is an indicator that you have leaks in your ductwork. Other indicators will be high utility bills or a unit that seems to never shut off. The first place to check for a duct leaks, is right where it connects with the register or main trunk line. People crawl through attics all the time, it very easy to damage ducts while you are up there. When you go up in the attic, you want to visually inspect the ductwork for additional leaks. Sometimes just feeling around the register or ductwork will help you find those hidden leaks. Finding leaks in your ductwork can save you as much 40% in your energy bill. There are a few things you are going to need in order to fix these leaks. You are going to need mastic and a paint brush. You are going to use the paint brush to apply the mastic. Mastic is a paste flexible sealant. It bonds well with the surface of ductwork, thus creating an excellent seal. Adhesive spray glue is also an important tool. You are going spray the area, where you are going to use duct tape. The spray glue will help the duct tape, stick better to the leaking area.

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