Is My Air Conditioner Broken Or Is My Zoning System Broken?


"Customers That Live In Townhouses"

The majority of customers that live in townhouses have a zoning system. A zoning system has air flow dampers in your ducts. When the desired temperature of that area is satisfied, your dampers in your ducts close. When your cooling system is not working correctly, it does not mean that you need an ac repair. It may mean that you have a problem with your zoning system. Most companies that arrive at your home don't know that you have a zoning problem until they arrive at your home. We are going to give you a few tips, to help you figure out what kind of problem you have at your home, before placing a service call.
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Why Do Some Air Conditioners Breakdown More Than Others?

"Townhomes With Poor Outdoor Ventilation"

Real Estate is expensive in Houston Tx, and not many builders want to allocate much land for your air conditioning units ventilation. A common problem with many townhomes is the walls and wood fences around the HVAC equipment. The builder who built the townhome created this problem. It may feel like bad luck when your ac breaks down every year, but it's where your ac unit is located that's causing the problem. Well, how can I combat this problem? In most cases, you can't. Most townhomes only have a small space allowed for the air conditioning unit.
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Proper ventilation helps your ac unit run with less stress & more efficiently. Your outdoor unit removes all the hot air from your Houston Home. Without proper ventilation around the unit, the ambient temperature can reach over 115℉. The intense heat puts a massive strain on all the parts, including your compressor inside your air conditioning unit. This extra heat load can reduce 5 years of life away from your equipment.


My AC Unit Keeps On Burning Or Melting Wires?

Many people think that when air conditioning units start to melt wires its time to replace your ac unit. Many inexperienced technicians tell customers that its time to replace your equipment because it's burning out wires frequently. An air conditioner that steadily burns out wires can cause homeowners a headache. An experienced technician is your best solution when having electrical problems in your HVAC system.

A Dirty Air Filter & Dirty Condensing Unit Can Cause Wire Burnouts

Performing required maintenance on your HVAC equipment benefits your equipment in many different ways. Your outdoor condensing unit contains a large radiator type coil that overheats when lint, grass, & dirt gets absorbed into the coil. A dirty condenser coil can put a strain on the entire HVAC system, including your compressor & wires. Your air conditioner will begin to run on a higher amperage draw. A Higher amperage draw causes many wires in your outdoor unit to melt & burn off. High amperage is felt from the compressor to your main breaker box & all the wires in between the walls. The oil in your compressor will lose its integrity and lose its ability to lubricate its spinning pistons.
A blocked indoor air filter can increase your utility bill by as much as 30%. It doesn't help either if your air conditioner is old too. An old ac system in combination with dirty air filter can also cause your wires to burn out. Another negative would be low quality HVAC equipment. A high-quality air conditioning unit runs more efficiently, last longer, & are built stronger for the intense Houston & Harris County heat. The situation gets worse when the freon or refrigerant levels aren't appropriately charged. An undercharged or overcharged system adds additional stress to your wires in your HVAC system.


Advantages & Disadvantages When Condensing Units Are Side By Side

Advantage #1: When one ac unit breaks, you still have the other unit cooling the other part of your Houston home.
Advantage #2: Since you have two full systems In your home, your Houston home should get to the desired temperature faster.
Advantage #3: Only cool the part of the home you need cooled. That will help you lower your Houston utility bill.

Disadvantage #1  Many times when Houston customers have the same identical unit, they come out the same batch in mass production. If there was a problem in production, both of your units will come with the same manufactures defect. A common maufactures defect is when both units develop refrigerant or freon leaks within the warranty period.
Disadvantage #2  Repair bill can be high if both units break down at the same time.
Disadvantage #3  The Houston homeowner must do twice the maintenance.
Disadvantage #4  Depending on the name brand of the equipment in your backyard. The better name brand equipment are quieter. However, when most units reach over 10 years old they all start to getting loud.
Disadvantage #5  If you have a home warranty insurance or a service contract with another HVAC company, they will usually ask you if you have more than one air conditioning unit cooling your home. As long as you have one unit functioning in your home, they will not consider your situation to be an immediate emergency or provide same day service. Even if parts of your home are hot, or you have a birthday party at your home on Sunday. Many service contract companies can take a few days to service your A/C system, even if the whole family has to sleep in the living room.
Side by side condensers produce twice the heat in the same area and quickly increase the surrounding air temperatures to over 100 degrees in the hot Houston Tx summer. The fences around them will also trap heat around them. In due time this additional heat can cause wires to melt. Side by side condensers are very common, but the excess heat from the other unit will put a toll on them.


Thermostat Wiring Explained

Thermostats can be broken down into three main categories. Battery powered, 24-volt common wire powered, and mercury powered. Most thermostat purchases are upgrades to their existing one. When upgrading a thermostat, you should already know what type of thermostat you need, before you purchase one. It's a good idea to check how many wires are coming to your thermostat before you buy one. If you only have four wires coming out to your thermostat, you should stick with a battery powered thermostat. If you have five or more wires coming out to your thermostat, you might want to purchase a smart thermostat. The most common thermostat to install is a battery powered thermostat. If you are a homeowner and trying to install a thermostat yourself, it should be a battery powered one. Honeywell & White-Rodgers are the name brands we highly recommend if you are buying a thermostat yourself. When you have a battery powered thermostat, there are only four wires that you need. The red wire is your main power wire. The yellow wire is your cooling wire. The green wire is your blower fan wire, & the last wire is the white wire, for your heat. If you purchased a smart thermostat, you could use blue wire as your common wire.
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A/C Compressor Explosion, Caught On Video.

Compressor explosions don't usually happen on new compressors. If it happens, it will be on much older compressor equipment . The compressor is the engine of your air conditioning equipment. It is responsible for pumping refrigerant gas throughout your whole A/C system. You have three main controls responsible for keeping your compressor operating at all times. The contactor switch is a high voltage device used to supply alternating current or A/C voltage to your compressor. The average contactor switch can usually last you for five years before it starts giving you problems. The contactor also powers your condenser fan motor. The condenser fan motor is what removes the heat from the condensing unit. The condenser fan motor is the second most important component in the outside unit. Some manufactures install a high pressure switch just in case your condenser fan motor fails. The high pressure switch will shut off your unit just incase your fan motor fails. If your compressor runs for an extended period of time without the fan motor, you could damage the compressor. Condenser fan motors will usually give you a good six years before they start going bad.
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