S.E.E.R is a rating given to certain home appliances to determine the operation expense for your appliance equipment. It is a similar rating to miles per gallon that is used in today's auto industry to measure the efficiency of fuel in the auto industry.

How Do I Get My Full S.E.E.R. Rating Benefit From My AC Unit?

In order to achieve to highest S.E.E.R. rating possible for your air conditioning unit, routine yearly maintenance and service is necessary. Your HVAC equipment must work efficiently to provide the highest level of savings for your utility bill. You will benefit in many avenues if you conduct yearly maintenance on your ac equipment. Having a unit that operates more efficiently throughout the life of the equipment will also improve the units life long longevity. The root of your maintenance service starts at your air filter. Keeping up with your air filter is often neglected by many homeowners. The air filter just doesn't improve your indoor air quality, but it also keeps your air conditioning equipment clean. Keeping your system clean is what keeps your equipment running at its optimal efficiency.
Your outdoor unit has no filter. You can clean the outdoor unit with standard water pressure. No chemicals are necessary to clean your condensing unit. If the dirt around your unit still doesn't want to come free, they do sell special chemicals designed to remove the dirt & debris from your condenser. Maintaining a high S.E.E.R Rating throughout the year, and taking care of your HVAC equipment is standard maintenance that could be done by every Katy homeowner.

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