How To Clear An AC Drain Line With A Vacuum Cleaner?

Trying to figure out why your AC unit continues leaking water can sometimes be a little tricky. We’ll be discussing the two main reasons why A/C systems leak water. Is it a problem with the integrity of the air conditioning equipment, or is it a problem with the plumbing of your HVAC unit. Your HVAC unit has moving parts inside of it. After a few years, the vibration caused by your air conditioning could cause your unit to be off balance. A horizontal evaporator coil or air handling unit in the attic that’s not pitched correctly can cause problems draining water out of the air condition unit. Sometimes units that leak water aren’t clogged up, but they are draining slowly. A slow drain is also another common plumbing problem, that may be why you are leaking water. condensate-drain-pan
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In your air conditioning system is divided into two different pressures. You have a high and low-pressure side of the system. Leaks that are in your evaporator coil are in the low-pressure side of the system. Leaks that are in your low-pressure side last longer. Leaks that are in your condenser coil are in the high-pressure side. If your system has developed a refrigerant leak on the high side of the equipment, all the refrigerant can disappear in just a few hours. Most of the freon leaks are human-made. Usually, welding mistakes are the most significant cause of freon leaks. Properly tightening expansion valves & orifices in equipment is another area of significant refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant leak testing and vacuuming of systems should be done on all equipment after installation is complete.

Tripping on PVC pipes laying on the attic floor can cause cracks in other areas of the PVC run. Many people use bleach in there HVAC maintenance program, but there are also side effects in the long term that come with using bleach. Using bleach for over 15 years in your PVC pipes can also cause brittle, thin, and warped PVC plumbing pipes. If using bleach, you should dilute the bleach with some water. ¼ cup of distilled Vinegar is also a good alternative for blowing out drain lines. A vertical furnace with a coil in the attic can also leak from poor foundation problems. The wood underneath the furnace can also warp, causing the unit not to drain properly. The wood gets warped & damaged from small drops of water falling on the wood over a long period.

There are many different methods used to look for freon leaks. Electronic Leak Detectors are excellent as long as the cotton sensors get replaced. Ultrasonic detectors are also another option for leak detection. Ultraviolet Dyes are excellent for looking for tiny leaks that come and go. Another reliable method is the good old fashion bubble test. You can use soap bubbles in an area where you think that the leak might be. After you find the leak, you’ll have to use a blow torch to fix the leak. The technician uses sandpaper to clean the surface of the leaking area, then spot weld the leak.

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A reliable HVAC manufacturer that produces a good leak free coil is the American Standard & Trane Co. They are very reliable when it comes to air conditioning equipment. No other manufacturer comes close to them. Number two on our list is the Carrier Corp. They have a quality product and are very reliable. Number three as far as value & quality is Rheem & Ruud. Buying quality HVAC equipment saves you lots of headaches in the future. You should go with a trusted local dealer that installs a quality job for you. There are different qualities of copper used to produce quality HVAC equipment. Many manufacturers have to use a lower quality of copper to reduce the cost of the equipment. Some manufacturers use aluminum coils. These type of coils last a long time and don’t rust. We have seen 30-year-old aluminum condenser coils work like brand new.

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Freon Leak Repair Quick Fix Video.

Freon Leaks can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Poor installation usually creates most freon leaks. The best time to have your central air conditioning unit installed is in the winter. Prices are usually 25% cheaper, and attics are more refreshing for the installer to do a high-quality job. It is usually a double win for the customer. Unfortunately, that is not the case most of the time. Most systems break down in the middle of summer, and the job has to get done when the attics can get over 130°F. When attics get hot, the installers patients & performance can lack. The installation crews unsatisfactory performance and low quality work can show, this is another reason why it is recommended you choose an installation company with a good reputation. Most installation crews are accustomed to working at temperatures max temperatures 130°F, but sometimes the attics can reach over 140°F +. When hiring a company to perform your installation, it should be a reputable company. Sad to say as much as the customer pays for that installation, most installers are underpaid to crawl in hot attics.
Freon Leak Testing Using Nitrogen Compressed Gas.
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Trane Outdoor Condenser With Spine Fin Coil Design.

Trane understands that the coil is one of the most critical factors in achieving reliable high-efficiency air systems. Trane's exclusive spine fin coil design has proven to be superior to any other coil technology. While their competitors utilize a plate fin design that relies on dissimilar metals, and many joints that are prone to corrosion and leaks. The spine fin coil features corrosion-resistant materials, and fewer joints to prevent leaks. Their unique proprietary design is highly durable while maintaining efficiency third-party testing conducted by Purdue University and the U.S. Civil Engineering laboratory has proven that all aluminum spine fin coils maintain better efficiency over the life of the system when compared to other coils. Actually, over that past 40 years, the spine fin design has become the benchmark for performance and reliability, that other manufacturers have tried to match, but none have been able to come close.
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Lennox Outdoor Condenser With Copper Plate Fin Coil

The most common type of condenser coil is the copper plate fin coil. Plate-fin coils used for cooling, heating, & dehumidifying are an essential component in a finned tube heat exchanger is the finned tubes where seamless metal tubes wrapped around the fins that help increase the surface area necessary for the transfer of heat across the wall of the tubes. In a fined tubes heat exchanger it is the process liquid pumped through the tubes from one end which then moves through successive rows of tubes through the other end. During the process, depending on the application the liquid idle picks up the heat or loses the heat to the air or gas on the other side.

Mircochannel Condenser Evolved From The Automotive Industry

The Microchannel coil was developed from technology initially created for the automotive industry. One of the most significant advantages of Microchannel coils is that they are 39.9% smaller & more efficient than standard tube and fin coils. These coils also use 49.9% less refrigerant than standard tube and fin coils. Microchannel coils can also take a better beating than other coils. You can use a high-pressure water hose to clean the Microchannel coil without bending the fins. The main problem with Microchannel coils is that they have a reputation for leaking freon. Many HVAC manufacturers that embraced this technology are now switching back to the copper tube finned coil.
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